"We know first hand that there is a lot to learn when you want to start your business.

We also know that doing it alone can be overwhelming and easily lead to frustration and burn out."

In an effort to save others the time and stress of searching out the information they need to start and grow their business, friends Kelly MacLellan of Embrace Your Life Coaching and Tara Brown of Solopreneur Sisters decided to BLEND THIER BEST from success mindset to sales funnels to technology in an online community and classroom for learning, sharing and supporting one another.

The Female Solopreneur Classroom is your 'one-stop-shop' for the lessons, resources and connections that you need to finally go from passion to profit!


As a part of our commitment to providing leading research and techniques to grow your business, we are partnering with other female solopreneurs to contribute to our growing list of lessons, challenges and resources.

The program is currently facilitated by Kelly MacLellan of Embrace Your Life Coaching and Tara Brown of Solopreneur Sisters, but will soon grow to include other amazing women that want to share their wisdom with you.


Embrace Your Life Coaching

Kelly MacLellan, M.Sc

I partner with purpose-driven women with the vision to grow and succeed in life & in work.

My clients are intelligent, entrepreneurial women, passionate about helping others. They seek Harmony and Joy AND Financial Abundance!

“The time has come. Your time to live, to celebrate and see the goodness that you are. Do not fight the dark, just turn on the light. Let go. And breathe into the goodness that you are.” ~ Swami Kripalu

I have been where you are, full of passion and ready to share but without a real plan or strategy. Let me help you save you years, money, frustration and discouragement. You don’t have to do it alone any more.

Tara Brown

As a virtual assistant for over the past 5 years, I found a passion for Design-it-Yourself visual branding and web design that could easily be learned by even the least ‘techy’ of solopreneurs.

I recently made the shift from hosting an online community to hosting in-person events with The Female Solopreneur Community, and a fire was lit inside of me. I found my passion, and purpose!

"Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the path ahead." ~ Karma Voce

While I am finding so much pleasure in planning events for solopreneur women to have a chance to get out of their every day spaces to meet-up and make connections with each other, I still have a lot of branding and web design information to share!